My name is Mason Weiner

At least it is now. It hasn’t always been that.

When I was born I had a different name.

Meghan Weiner.

There were several other baby girls in the nursery on the warm September day that I was born. Several of the others were named Meghan (or Megan…or however their parents decided to spell it)

My parents were planning on naming me Erin.

Which is ironic, but we’ll get back to that at a later point and time.

Anyways. Yeah. I was born Meghan after my dad heard the name and really liked it. I was given the middle name of Pearl because that was my grandma’s middle name.

My grandma’s name was Ada Pearl. I always thought it would’ve been funny if my parents had given me her first name instead of her middle.

Meghan Ada Weiner. That would’ve made my life a hoot and a half.

Sorry, i’m getting myself sidetracked with things that are irrelevant. I tend to tell stories that have no end and sometimes they have no beginnings…but I do have a lot of stories, that’s for sure.

Ok, so my name.

I was born September 21st 1984 in Canton, Ohio. I was a normal child…or what I assume is pretty normal…but I always knew there was something different about me. Something just felt off and I wasn’t sure what that was.

I remember being 8¬†years old and I watched a music video. It was for a band called Little Texas and the song was called “God bless Texas”. I sat in my mom and dads room glued to their TV watching this video an admiring the women in their bikini’s…I knew even then that I was looking at them in a way I shouldn’t and I was feeling something I knew a little girl shouldn’t feel. Ha. You know. It happens.


This first post has started as a rambling mess and it was really meant as an introduction, but honestly, I’ve bored myself so far. So i’m going to wrap that post up.

Stick with me though. I promise it’ll be a fun ride.